"We have never doubted Valverde"

"We were clear that it would be the relay of Luis Enrique" "He has one year left with the option to another, I hope he has the strength to fulfill a third, a fourth and a fifth" Josep Maria Bartomeu defended the figure of Ernesto Valverde as  one of the key pieces for the successful transition  that the team has completed after the departure of Luis Enrique. Despite winning the  eighth double in club history , Valverde has experienced two difficult moments with the defeat in the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid, in the embryo of the season, and the painful elimination in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. League, against Roma.

Bartomeu wanted to make it clear that the coach has never been questioned from the top of the entity: "We have never doubted Valverde, we knew him a lot and we liked his career, so much so that we were very clear that it would be Lucho's relief as he I said that he was not following, he  is the ideal coach for Barça, he is ready and knows how to read the games and change his dynamic " The Barça president acknowledged  the deep disappointment of the Rome debacle , but reiterated that the credibility of the coach remained intact: "The defeat in Rome not only disappointed me, but all those who, the players and their own Ernesto,  we all wanted to break everything , because we did not expect it, but all the Catalans, including Valverde, overcame that disaster in the following days and we went ahead to win the Cup and the League."Get your free daily tips with insider bookie tips.

For the maximum rector blaugrana,  the season "is a 9, an excellent  and I know that sometimes counts, because people immediately think about the next campaign, but we must enjoy everything we have won." Bartomeu recalled that Valvere's challenge was not easy and that he has also encountered  unexpected difficulties throughout the championship: "I am very happy with how we have won the League, with the obstacles that we have overcome and that have made us stronger:  Neymar's farewell , defeat in the Supercopa, Mascherano's march, now Iniesta's goodbye ... We must congratulate Valverde and his team. "

In fact, the president said he would like to continue counting on Valverde in the long term: "He has a one-year contract with the option of a third party, he  is a very independent person, with a strong personality and it will be his personal decision, although I would like fulfilled.  Being Barca coach is very hard . I've been with everyone from Frank Rijkaard and are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but hopefully have the strength to make a third, a fourth and a fifth year. "